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The Angel of Hope (

The Christmas Box Angel Statue also called the Angel of Hope was introduced to the world in the book The Christmas Box, a worldwide bestseller and hit television movie by author Richard Paul Evans. In the book, a woman mourns the loss of her child at the base of an angel monument. Though the story is mostly fiction, the angel monument once existed but is speculated to have been destroyed. The new angel statue in the Salt Lake City cemetery was commissioned by Richard Paul Evans, in response to reports that grieving parents were seeking out the angel as a place to grieve and heal. In addition to that angel, there are Christmas Box Angels in more than 25 other areas. The closest one to Washington being at the River View Cemetery in Oregon (

Angels Online (

Angels Online provides a unique way of spanning the globe to bring friends and family together at one virtual site to honor their loved ones.

Anna Maria Zimney (

Memorial site for Anna Maria Zimney who died at 5 months and one day due to Vein of Galen Malformations.

The Book of Life (

The Book of Life and The Shrine of The Holy Innocents at the Church of The Holy Innocents in New York City is dedicated in Memory of the Children Who Have Died Unborn. Have your baby's name inscribed in the Book of Life and receive a certificate via email. At the church, a candle is always lit in your baby's memory. All day long people stop to pray. On the first Monday of every month, our 12:15pm Mass is celebrated in honor of these children and for the comfort of their families.

The Halo Garden (

The Halo Garden

Created for bereaved parents who are grieving the loss of a child. Butterfly dedications, child memorial website links, ADC experiences and much more.

Heavens Children (

Heavens Children is a memorial website where you can light vitrual candles, release a vitual balloon, plant a virtual garden and more - all in memory of your child.

Janell Victory (

A memorial site for A Small Victory's namesake, Janell Victory Allen.

Light a Candle (

Light a virtual candle in memory of your loved one.

Quilt of Memories (

Quilt of Memories

Vanessa Gorman (

Vanessa Gorman is a filmmaker and writer, who created a documentary called Losing Layla about the death of her baby daughter and the journey that followed. A must see.

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