Other Programs

Bears for Bereaved Mommies (www.bearsforbereavedmommies.org)

Bears for Bereaved Mommies is a Canadian non-profit offering support to those who experience pregnancy and infant loss. Thier program, Bear Care Cub Distribution Program, provides bears to facilities that offer bereavement programs and services for those who experience pregnancy and infant loss.

Cailin's Memories (www.cailinsmemories.org)

Cailin’s Memories is a not for profit, 501(c)3 tax-exempt corporation founded for the purpose of helping families who have lost their babies from miscarriage, prematurity, stillbirth, birth defects, or SIDS. They also will attempt to help and support families experiencing infertility. Their organization supplies hospitals education and resources to care for these families through their memory box/packet program.

Heavenly Angels (www.heavenly-angels.org)

Heavenly Angels Is A Non-Profit Organization. Dedicated to Helping Grieving Parents. They offer a place to come to share with others who understand your feelings and understand first hand how you feel. Heavenly Angels Offers Personalized Crib Size Memorial Quilts that you're able to purchase in memory of your Angel(s).

Heavenly Angels in Need (heavenlyangelsinneed.com)

Heavenly Angels in Need charity supplies clothing, blankets, hats, booties, care bags, and more to grieving families.

Joshua’s Boxes (www.joshuasboxes.co.uk)

Joshuas Boxes

Joshua’s Boxes (UK based) helps parents facing miscarriage, termination for fetal abnormality, stillbirth, neonatal death or any other complication during pregnancy or just after birth. They provide a beautiful Memory Box, filled with many useful items. They hope boxes will provide parents with many tangible ways to remember their much-loved baby.

Just a Cloud Away (www.justacloudaway.com)

Just A Cloud Away

Just a Cloud Away, Inc. provides Remembrance Kits, Memory Garden Tutorials, Healing Crafts and Sympathy Gifts/Ideas for bereaved families of pregnancy and infant loss.and infant loss.

The Memory Box Artist Program, Inc. (www.teraleigh.com/memoryboxes)

The Memory Box Artist Program is an all volunteer effort to provide boxes for families of infants that pass away in the hospital so that families did not leave the hospital empty handed without any representation of that child's life.

Precious Awakening (www.preciousawakening.org)

Precious Awakening

Precious Awakening is a pregnancy and infant loss web site based in NYC. Their mission is to provide memory boxes, support, information for those who have experienced a loss of pregnancy, or an infant no matter how old. To encourage keeping our babies in our hearts by creating memorials, and ceremonies.

The Shining Light Fund (www.shininglightfund.org)

The Shining Light Fund's mission is to honor these families and remember their children. Through this website and our Mother's Bracelet program, we offer acknowledgment, compassion, and understanding.

TYLA Treasures (Information Sheet)

Canadian based: TYLA Treasures is a memory box program that was named after Tyla Renee. In this case, TYLA also stands for “Thinking of Your Little Angel”. Memory Boxes are put together with loving care to be donated to St. Boniface's Bereavement Programin Wpg MB. They are then given to parents of babies who do not survive or who are not expected to survive, so that memories can be made and preserved.

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