Hire an Expert for Bee Removal Services

Hire an Expert for Bee Removal Services

Hire an Expert for Bee Removal Services

A beehive in your house is a concern for your family. The bees may attack your children at any time. You shouldn’t try to break the hive alone if you don’t have experience. Call an expert for bee removal services. He would come with a laser thermometer and bee vacuum to get rid of the bees.

The setup is simple enough. The long hose of the vacuum sucks the bees from the hive and dumps them in an enclosed container. Here’s how the entire bee removal process unfolds when the expert uses a laser thermometer and bee vac.

  1. Suppose the hive is behind a wooden wall. The professional will start by checking the intensity of infestation using a laser thermometer.
  2. Usually, professionals carry bee vacuums that come with detachable motors. This helps to adjust to the size of the container in which you want to put the bees. Regular bee vacuums require experts to drill a hole in the container before using the vacuum.
  3. The first step in extracting the bees from the hive is to spray chemical-free solutions on them. This prevents the bees from flying all around. You will see the professional wear protective gear that covers his entire body.
  4. Sometimes the size of the hive is so big that it’s better to break it into a few parts before using the bee vac. The expert would carefully break the hive into small parts and keep them inside the container. Next, he will start using the bee vac. The other end of the vacuum remains connected to the container. As soon as he turns the vacuum on, the hose starts sucking the bees quickly. Many bees try to fly away but can’t because of the chemical-free solution.
  5. The expert usually uses the vacuum horizontally if the hive is hanging from the ceiling. Once he catches all the bees, he will use the laser thermometer again to check if there are any bees that flew away in the rooms or not. He will then break the hive into parts and take the whole thing away.

Alternative methods

Bee removal services also include using carpenter bee traps. This trap is a trick to let bees enter a chamber through a small hole. The bees fall into an empty wooden box. This method takes slightly longer compared to using a bee vac. It is highly effective if the infestation is not too large.

Alternatively, the experts may come with plastic tarps and cover the hive with them. Once they dismantle the hive, they would keep it under sunlight for hours. The bees soon lose the power to fly temporarily. They will then take the hive away and take out the bees in a safer place. These are traditional methods that can handle a small swarm of bees successfully. But when it comes to dealing with huge hives, a professional would use a bee vac.

Don’t hesitate to call an expert when you see a hive in your house. Get rid of it as soon as possible to ensure that the bees don’t sting you or your family members.