Bee Removal Relocation

Got a Bee Problem? Seek Bee Relocation Services.

Bees keep us alive. While most people may consider them unwanted or have a negative image about them, bees, particularly honey bees, are the thread that the earth hangs on. How come? Honey bees are responsible for more than 80% of all pollination of cultivated crops. Pollination enables fertilization, therefore the production of seeds, so a plant can have ‘offspring’ even after death.

That said, cultivated crops and many other plants are harvested, and the only way to revive them is by planting their seeds. Without seeds, most of the crops on earth would be extinct, which would mean competition for food. See why bees are absolutely important? We are spoilt for choice in our meals because bees exist!

Do You Have a Bee Problem?

That said, if you have a bee problem, seek expert bee relocation services. No matter how important bees may be, having them around your home presents a safety threat since bees sting. Whenever you observe bees in your yard, your natural instinct screams ‘get rid of the bees’. We are however here to tell you that it is possible to eliminate your bees entirely without having to kill them.

Bees Are Important

Let’s not forget that unlike most insects that are considered harmful and renamed pests, bees should not be considered pests. Their stings are basically a survival mechanism, but other than these, they are entirely harmless. Being vital to our planet by being responsible for the food we and many other animals feed on, it is our duty to preserve them.

Why Should You Seek Bee Relocation Services

In as much as we love bees, and their humanitarian endeavors as they wok day and night to keep us going, if you have them around your home, business or warehouse, you need to get them relocated. Here’s why:

Bee Stings Hurt

If you have been stung a bee in your life, you know that these busybodies are not here to play. They sting like their last breath depends on it, which may be funny but actually true in honey bees. After stinging, the impact is so deep that the honey bees cannot pull the barbed stinger back out, therefore, dies in the process. These stingers, especially when allowed to remain in the body an have a very severe reaction.

Fatal Allergies to bees

Some people are allergic to bees and a simple sting could be as severe as hospital admission and even death. Unfortunately, some people do not even realize that they have a bee allergy until after severe damage. If you are aware of a person in your family or business that has a bee allergy, then do not hesitate about seeking expert bee removal and relocation services. It could be a thin line between saving and risking their life.

Aggressive Bees

Bees are naturally considered aggressive but wait till they come on to you with their full temper. They can attack an adult and practically fill their body with barbed stingers which can be extremely painful. Bees become these aggressive when they sense a threat to their nest, in hot weather, or when they lack flowers to pollinate.

All the above possibilities pose a safety hazard to you and your children, who like spending time in the yard. In businesses, bees could send away potential customers. With that in mind, get rid of them by hiring experts to remove and relocate them!