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Hire an Expert for Bee Removal Services

Hire an Expert for Bee Removal Services

Hire an Expert for Bee Removal Services

A beehive in your house is a concern for your family. The bees may attack your children at any time. You shouldn’t try to break the hive alone if you don’t have experience. Call an expert for bee removal services. He would come with a laser thermometer and bee vacuum to get rid of the bees.

The setup is simple enough. The long hose of the vacuum sucks the bees from the hive and dumps them in an enclosed container. Here’s how the entire bee removal process unfolds when the expert uses a laser thermometer and bee vac.

  1. Suppose the hive is behind a wooden wall. The professional will start by checking the intensity of infestation using a laser thermometer.
  2. Usually, professionals carry bee vacuums that come with detachable motors. This helps to adjust to the size of the container in which you want to put the bees. Regular bee vacuums require experts to drill a hole in the container before using the vacuum.
  3. The first step in extracting the bees from the hive is to spray chemical-free solutions on them. This prevents the bees from flying all around. You will see the professional wear protective gear that covers his entire body.
  4. Sometimes the size of the hive is so big that it’s better to break it into a few parts before using the bee vac. The expert would carefully break the hive into small parts and keep them inside the container. Next, he will start using the bee vac. The other end of the vacuum remains connected to the container. As soon as he turns the vacuum on, the hose starts sucking the bees quickly. Many bees try to fly away but can’t because of the chemical-free solution.
  5. The expert usually uses the vacuum horizontally if the hive is hanging from the ceiling. Once he catches all the bees, he will use the laser thermometer again to check if there are any bees that flew away in the rooms or not. He will then break the hive into parts and take the whole thing away.

Alternative methods

Bee removal services also include using carpenter bee traps. This trap is a trick to let bees enter a chamber through a small hole. The bees fall into an empty wooden box. This method takes slightly longer compared to using a bee vac. It is highly effective if the infestation is not too large.

Alternatively, the experts may come with plastic tarps and cover the hive with them. Once they dismantle the hive, they would keep it under sunlight for hours. The bees soon lose the power to fly temporarily. They will then take the hive away and take out the bees in a safer place. These are traditional methods that can handle a small swarm of bees successfully. But when it comes to dealing with huge hives, a professional would use a bee vac.

Don’t hesitate to call an expert when you see a hive in your house. Get rid of it as soon as possible to ensure that the bees don’t sting you or your family members.

Bee Removal Relocation

Got a Bee Problem? Seek Bee Relocation Services.

Bees keep us alive. While most people may consider them unwanted or have a negative image about them, bees, particularly honey bees, are the thread that the earth hangs on. How come? Honey bees are responsible for more than 80% of all pollination of cultivated crops. Pollination enables fertilization, therefore the production of seeds, so a plant can have ‘offspring’ even after death.

That said, cultivated crops and many other plants are harvested, and the only way to revive them is by planting their seeds. Without seeds, most of the crops on earth would be extinct, which would mean competition for food. See why bees are absolutely important? We are spoilt for choice in our meals because bees exist!

Do You Have a Bee Problem?

That said, if you have a bee problem, seek expert bee relocation services. No matter how important bees may be, having them around your home presents a safety threat since bees sting. Whenever you observe bees in your yard, your natural instinct screams ‘get rid of the bees’. We are however here to tell you that it is possible to eliminate your bees entirely without having to kill them.

Bees Are Important

Let’s not forget that unlike most insects that are considered harmful and renamed pests, bees should not be considered pests. Their stings are basically a survival mechanism, but other than these, they are entirely harmless. Being vital to our planet by being responsible for the food we and many other animals feed on, it is our duty to preserve them.

Why Should You Seek Bee Relocation Services

In as much as we love bees, and their humanitarian endeavors as they wok day and night to keep us going, if you have them around your home, business or warehouse, you need to get them relocated. Here’s why:

Bee Stings Hurt

If you have been stung a bee in your life, you know that these busybodies are not here to play. They sting like their last breath depends on it, which may be funny but actually true in honey bees. After stinging, the impact is so deep that the honey bees cannot pull the barbed stinger back out, therefore, dies in the process. These stingers, especially when allowed to remain in the body an have a very severe reaction.

Fatal Allergies to bees

Some people are allergic to bees and a simple sting could be as severe as hospital admission and even death. Unfortunately, some people do not even realize that they have a bee allergy until after severe damage. If you are aware of a person in your family or business that has a bee allergy, then do not hesitate about seeking expert bee removal and relocation services. It could be a thin line between saving and risking their life.

Aggressive Bees

Bees are naturally considered aggressive but wait till they come on to you with their full temper. They can attack an adult and practically fill their body with barbed stingers which can be extremely painful. Bees become these aggressive when they sense a threat to their nest, in hot weather, or when they lack flowers to pollinate.

All the above possibilities pose a safety hazard to you and your children, who like spending time in the yard. In businesses, bees could send away potential customers. With that in mind, get rid of them by hiring experts to remove and relocate them!

Bee Removal Experts

Why Choose The Services Of Bee Removal Experts

More often than not bees are harmless. They mind their own business without trying to attack humans or pets in their neighborhood. However, if you get too close to their hive, they might sting you. Removing bees is an extremely dangerous endeavor. Rather than trying to address this problem yourself, you should hire bee removal experts to help you. Here are a few good reasons to do so.

Safety is the first and foremost reason why you should make use of such services instead of removing bee nests yourself. Experts have the skills and the tools to remove bees in a safe and efficient manner. Even though one or two bee stings won’t harm you, dozens of them can wreak havoc on your body. Besides, if you are allergic to bee stings and you aren’t aware of it, you risk your life. In addition, troubled bees may attack the other members of your family, causing you even more problems.

When it comes to safety, it’s worth mentioning that many homeowners mistake wasps or hornets for bees. This can be an extremely costly mistake, as these insects are way more dangerous than bees and should be handled in specific ways only experts master. Using harsh chemicals to eliminate the pest may or may not work. In case of failure, the swarm may get extremely aggressive, endangering the safety and even the life of everyone around. In the long run this could cost homeowners a lot more than the services of a bee expert.

Effectiveness is another reason for hiring bee removal experts to get you rid of unwanted beehives on your property. Even if you do have the right protection equipment, you may not master the proper techniques to eliminate the bees without casualties and without health hazards. A professional pest exterminator that specializes in bee removal and control will know exactly what substances and techniques to use to sort out the problem in the most effective way. Furthermore, these specialists know exactly when to act to eliminate the bees. Knowing when the bees are dormant or less active provides experts with a great competitive edge when it comes to the effectiveness of their actions.

Last but not least, expert bee removal services are cost-effective. If you where to get rid of bees yourself, you’d have to purchase protective equipment to keep you safe. This equipment is not cheap, so you can easily end up spending more on such gear then on hiring an expert service to help you get rid of those bees. Moreover, you’d also need to invest time in studying the bees and the safest removal methods, in order to be able to do a great job. All these would require a fairly big effort. If you are a busy professional, you may want to outsource this task to specialists. Besides, the presence of bees on your property may require immediate action. Under these circumstances, hiring experts to handle your problem is the right way of doing things.

Bee Removal Near Me

Bee Removal Near Me

Four Factors to Consider While Hiring Professionals for Bee Removal Near Me

Imagine you come back home after a vacation and just when you are about to enter your house, you see a giant beehive near your main door. It scares the hell out of you because the sting of a bee is one of the most painful things on earth. You somehow manage to get inside your house. As soon as you do, you start searching online on how to remove beehives. You see blogs and videos with tons of instructions. Well, they are helpful as long as you have protective clothing and experience in removing bees.

If you don’t want to take the trouble and remove the bees alone, you should hire a professional to do it on your behalf. Search online with bee removal near me to find a list of companies that offer this service. Compare the service providers according to the factors below:

  1. Removal methods

You should hire a company that doesn’t kill the bees. Make sure it uses environment-friendly bee removal methods, such as using chemical-free solutions. Try to ask the company representatives whether they use bee-vacuums or not. Bee-vacuums help to collect bees from beehives. This ensures that there are no bees left in your property. The experts should also use EPA-certified bee removal products. They are the best when it comes to saving bees while removing them from beehives.

  1. Removal tools

Bees may often hide in secluded areas like trees, backyards, and terraces. This makes the job of bee removal experts harder. The company should be prepared for such experiences. They should send a team equipped with tools like miniature cameras, laser thermometers, and tough timber to ensure that they take each and every bee away. This will not only keep your property safe but also give you peace of mind.

  1. License and insurance

The company you hire should have the license to remove bees. It is proof that they have experienced bee removal experts working for them. Any uncertified or inexperienced person may not be able to handle a swarm of bees alone. It will put your family at risk. For maximum safety, always hire someone who has insurance and license. If the bees attack the professional, you shouldn’t be liable to pay for his treatment expenses. His insurance will cover that cost.

  1. Total cost

The total cost to remove bees from your house depends on the distance the experts have to travel, your location, number of hours they have to work, and the intensity of infestation. Call the companies and ask if they would provide a free inspection and then provide a quotation. Compare the costs and hire the one that charges the lowest. The cost also depends on the type of bee removal solutions the companies use. Those who use pesticides may charge a low amount. Don’t hire them. Go for someone who uses chemical-free solutions.

Don’t just hire the first name that comes on the list when you are searching for bee removal near me. Compare their services according to the factors mentioned above.

Professional Bee Removal Services

Professional Bee Removal Services Vs DIY Bee Removals.

Bees are wonderful creatures, commonly known for their sweet honey, and of course, not-so-sweet stings. They are therefore considered great until we spot them near our living premises. Bee stings not only hurt but could cause severe reactions and even death to people who are allergic to them. For this reason, professional bee removal services are not an option, especially when bees do not respond to home remedies.

How Can You Remove Bees From Your Home or Business?

There are various DIY methods you can use to remove bees from your property. They include:

  1. Using a sweet liquid.

Bees are attracted to sweet liquids like soda. Get an open container or cut the soda bottle into half then leave it around the area your bees are located. They will be attracted to the soda but will eventually drown as they drink it.

  1. Vinegar Spray.

Vinegar soar is easy to make, and affordable. Imply add easel amounts of water and vinegar into a spray bottle, shake to obtain a homogenous mixture then spray as the bees sleep. This is done during the night, You could also spray in areas prevalence to bees. This solution kills hem so be sure to clean up afterward.

  1. Vacuuming out a hive

You could also opt to vacuum out the beehive or cover their hive with a plastic tarp then let the sun heat them to temperatures that they will not survive. You should also clean up after this.

While these three methods work for smaller swarms, they are ineffective and can be dangerous. Bees are aggressive creatures and one wrong move could lead to admission to a hospital. Though these DIYs will do for a few bees, professional bee removal services are highly recommended. Bees are also very vital creatures to the survival of plants and mammals.

That said, we do not recommend the killing of the bees, but prefer relocation, an exercise which requires the expertise of a professional. This way, you protect the environment and safeguard your personal space as well.

Professional Bee Removal as an alternative to Extermination.

Bees move in swarms and could make their nest in very tricky and hard to reach spots. Professional bee removal services are equipped with the right personal protective equipment and be removal tools to ensure that the nest is safely removed and all bees eliminated.
The beauty of our services is that we recognize the importance of bees to the earth. Not only do they bring food, but they bring immense beauty too. We, therefore, prioritize your home, as well as keeping the bees safe. Tap into our expertise if your DIY and natural extermination methods fall short.

How much does it cost to hire professional bee removal services?

Depending on the location and size of the nest, bee removal services could range from $75-$1000.The wide range goes to show that bee removal can be a complex process, and depending on the extent and nature of the infestation, price varies. Some nests may also be impossible to remove, which automatically warrants extermination. For such, the price range is $100-$300.

Find a professional bee removal company.

Extermination will be our last resort if you have a bee infestation. Additionally, we will also follow up with bee infestation prevention techniques to ensure that bees are never a cause for concern for you and your family. Contact us today!